About Us

Our design and technology projects have been seen by millions of people around the world and range from entertainment to education, activism, the arts, law enforcement, business, and beyond. Lightray continuously evolves its approach, helping define new outreach strategies and utilizing the most current and effective tools available.

In addition to killer design and stealth technology, Lightray prides itself on building consensus within large organizations, setting clear goals and meeting deadlines ON TIME and ON BUDGET. We take several measures to accomplish this:

Client Vision Re-Enforcement: We interface with decision makers at key junctures for sign-off.

Bulletproof Project Documentation: Lightray reiterates client requests to the team via email to avoid any miscommunications.

Point-Release Approvals: All deliverables will be defined ahead of time, and an email sign-off from the client is necessary to proceed the next step or phase.

Lightray’s team has been hailed “Interactive Visionaries,” been featured in numerous publications (LA Times, Hollywood Variety, Hartford Courant, Oxygen, Oprah, Elle, and more). Our work has received wide exposure and acclaim, been bundled with Apple Computers worldwide, and been featured in a variety of publications and media, including Wired, Vogue, and Fortune.

The Lightray Productions team consists of seasoned professionals with long working relationships and histories with each other that make for smooth productions with the highest quality results.

Whether the end product is digital, print, or social in nature, our objective is always the same: To make people, companies, and institutions shine brightly, broadcasting to the world who they are, why they’re amazing and what their value is. We do this so that they can spend their valuable time doing the work they love.



Founder, Artist, CEO