Lightray Productions announces the launch of the FireStatLA website for the Los Angeles Fire Department, setting a new standard of accessibility and transparency for fire departments across the nation. The website is part of the larger FireStatLA initiative whose purpose is to evaluate and quantify the performance of fire and ems units, and fulfill Mayor Garcetti’s back to basics agenda

“One of Mayor Garcetti’s directives when he appointed me in 2014 was to continue on the path of making the LAFD more metric-driven. Through FireStat, we’ve embraced that directive.” said Fire Chief Ralph M. Terrazas

The FireStatLA website increases transparency, and public awareness, enlisting citizens to be informed about the emergency services which impact them so greatly. The new site features an interactive, mobile-responsive mapping application which residents can use to look up LAFD response times for their neighborhood by street address, fire station, or community. A data archive going back to 2013 of city-wide averages will be updated on a monthly basis by the LAFD.

“The FireStatLA website is not only about data. Understanding what happens when you call 911, how long it will take an ems or fire unit to reach you, and knowing where they are coming from, will be eye-opening for many residents who’ve never had to call for help.” says Jessica Thompson, Creative Director of
Lightray. “Making that information accessible in an easy-to-use visual format ensures it will reach more people and positively impact public awareness.”

FireStatLA was released as part of the new LAFD.ORG website, and is part of a larger overhaul of LAFD’s online outreach capabilities and presence, set to be fully realized in the next few months.


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