The Art of Parallax and the Long Scrolling Narrative


It used to be that a website homepage operated more like a marine cover with a brand, a branding image, links and calls to action — a jumping off point for all the content.  Not so much anymore.  Now, the hallmark of leading edge sites has a narrative and offers an opportunity to educate, emphasize and make calls to action along the way.  On wireframes, Web Designers used to make an equatorial dashed line on the lower third of the page to show that certain content was intended to be “below the fold”, referencing an old newspaper industry term who would reserve the most important stories for the top half “above the fold”.

Thanks to the mobile phone revolution coupled with responsive web, scrolling with your thumb on a phone is just as normal as a page on the web.  It’s to be expected. Parallax scrolling further enhances the experience by allowing desired background images to move at different rates as the foreground, creating a sense of animation and propelling the user to scroll further.  Sure, your audience can still click just like before, but now they can get a lot more information now without having to.