The Art Of Being Social

SocialHeader We love being social, as in, having a dinner party or taking a walk with a best friend. Spending our days on social networks promoting ourselves? Not so much. We love what it does, but it’s essentially more work. So our job is to make it less work. How do we do that? We identify what kind of company/brand/person you are and the least amount of social pipes to blast to as many social networks as possible that are going to matter to you.

Here’s one tiny example: Let’s say you’re an artist or a designer or an international cosmetics company, we would set you up so that your Instagram feed would also feed Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and update your website at the same time.  Yes, you can actually update all the social networks and your website and from your cellphone using Instagram.

PastedGraphic-12 As we mention in our article about the Branding:

The art of being social is about giving and interacting, seldom about directly promoting. You are creating an environment around you, as if spraying a mist of ideas — some literal, some direct, some not — that expresses your brand and who you are.  Deciding which social networks and which other people/brands with whom you interact, is [an integral part of building a brand].

Being social is not just about promotion. It is more like a mist of energy and ideas that broadcast who you are.   Our philosophy is, the less time you have to spend pumping social networks, the more time you can spend on your work, or better yet, joining a book club, throwing a dinner party or learning how to surf.


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