How to Build a Great Brand

Who Are You Now? Where do you want to be five years from now?

Creating a great brand is all about dreaming big, creating a strategy, and imagining and realizing the ideal vessel of your future you.


It is not simply about colors, type and logo. Even though

It is how you position the words on your site, how you emphasize them and the actions you call out for. It is the images that you choose and the narrative you build as you show them to your user. All of it expresses YOU.

Even though hopefully most of it cannot be “seen”, technology also has a way of reaching its electronic tentacles through the screen and into the user’s impression of you. This includes deploying easily updatable and database-driven tools such as WordPress, and making sure your site is responsive on all devices , especially mobile, where an increasing number of people are accessing the words and face you present to the world.



After you’re website is dressed and ready, it’s time to consider how your brand goes out and onto the social networks. The art of being social is about giving and interacting, seldom about directly promoting. You are creating an environment around you, as if spraying a mist of ideas — some literal, some direct, some not — that expresses your brand and who you are.


Deciding which social networks and which other people/brands with whom you interact, is a part of it too. Because life is short and time is money, we also embrace the idea doing the least amount of work on for the most amount of impact. Because it is critical that using social networks should not be depleting, but only grow your audience and expand opportunities.

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